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Body Sculpting Training


Do you need The Blueprint to Body Sculpting?
Not to fear The Queen is here. I've been doing this since 2017
I would love to help you create Multiple Stream of Income and 6 figures.
We have Award Winning Best Body Contouring 2019
Best Weight Loss Service’s 2019
Best Weight Loss Service’s 2020

Receive Skills, Knowledge & Market Strategy from Queen of Body Sculpting.

Training Class Includes:
One on One Body Sculpting Training with the Queen
Hands on Body Sculpting Training.
Course will include training on
•Laser Lipo
•Lipo Cavitation
•Radio Frequency
•Intro Vacuum Butt Enhancement
Bonus ***Intro to Wood Therapy***

You also receive Queen of Body Sculpting 
**Queens Firm Up Cream**
**Black Slimming Wrap**
•Certificate of Completion
•Benefits & Therapy
•Health & Sanitation
•Equipment & Setup
•Business Marketing

Body Sculpting is a progressive learning process and the more you do it, you will get better and feel more confident 😊

Disclaimer: students MUST do their due diligence to research what the state board requirements are for their specific state. In most states, For all body sculpting services, most states require a massage therapy, esthetics, or nursing license. Although these are what most states require, STUDENTS MUST RESEARCH THEIR STATE'S REGULATIONS on their own by checking with the Board of Cosmetology and Board of Health in their area. Students must also agree that they either already have their license, or agree to obtain it before they begin servicing clients.

*E-SIGN* I am aware that all monies issued to Queen of Body Sculpting LLC for my training class(es) are NON-REFUNDABLE ( including non-refundable deposit, non-refundable class balance payments, and non-refundable pay-in-full class fees).

I also understand that any attempt in processing claims or chargebacks with my bank or financial institution to return or refund said monies, will result in a direct breech of this legally binding contract.

Therefore, Queen of Body Sculpting LLC will have the right to seek proper legal recourse. By typing my first and last name below,


I affirm that I agree to these terms. (TYPE FIRST AND LAST NAME IN THE BOX BELOW) *registrations will not be accepted without the proper acceptance of the non-refundable policy*
LATE POLICY: If you are 20 minutes late for training please rebook a new training your full amount will be forfeited. If you are a "No Call/No Show" your full amount will be forfeited.

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